James Allen IV


Check out my Teaching Statement here or a recent Teaching Evaluation below.

Since 2013, I have taught 342 students in the roles of:

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) in the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan:

  • 2 sections of Introductory Macroeconomics (see recent teaching evaluation below)

  • 1 section of Development Economics

Instructor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky:

  • 3 sections of Agriculture & Development Economics

  • 1 section of Introduction to Environmental Economics

  • 1 section of Intermediate Microeconomics

Through this wide array of teaching experience, I have developed the following teaching philosophy: to create a welcoming and enthusiastic learning environment that enables students to succeed in the course, their field of study, and out in the real world as a professional and global citizen.

Said one student in an anonymous university-initiated evaluation: “James was hands down the best GSI I have had at this school. He explained material clearly and most times cleared up any doubts we had from lecture. He anticipated our questions before we had them, and was always prepared with a strong lesson plan. Also he was funny and respected us, and overall created a great rapport with the class."

Winter 2019 Instructor Report of ECON 102-109 Principle Econ II DIS for James Allen IV.pdf

Teaching Evaluation

Winter 2019 Instructor Report With Comments of ECON 102-109: Principle Econ II (Intro to Macroeconomics)

Response Ratio: 71.0%